6 Page Intro Site – Expanding

This priovdes everything that the fixed version does but with a control panel that you can log into and add your own content. you can add pages, posts, pictures, videos, and move pages and structure around. This is a very versatile package that it worth its weight in gold

This package gets you a domain, hosting, and six pages designed to start you off. These usually contain a Home Page, About Us Page, ServicesPage, Products Page, Links Page, and Contact Page, although you can have what you want, and some clients put hobbies, show attendances, advice, things they sponsor or anything else they feel relevant to their particular business. We also organise SEO for the site which you are unlikely to be able to do successfully, and at only £400 per year its not really worth most businesses spending the time to do it themselves, as it will generally take far more than £400 of labour to complete, with results being a gamble.

Clients can manage this site themselves so updates can be as regular as you require.

Prices for .co.uk sites on this package are £400/year. (£600 with complimenting Mobile site)